Hotel Seagate

by Rob Courtney

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released January 28, 2016



all rights reserved


Rob Courtney Toledo, Ohio

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Track Name: Let The Tide Roll On
I was finally away from it
But I fell back in
I was finally feeling alright
Til that night I got too drunk at that apartment
On the south side of this city
Oh this city
What am I doing here?
Fuck it, I'll just have a beer
And let the tide roll on
I'll keep writing this song
Then I'll go and play this song until
I absolutely fucking hate this song
Then I'll be older and I won't know her
Hope I have closure
And I hope I'm keeping my head where it belongs
Track Name: I Swore That I'd Be Ready
I sort of had a headache
When you brought up the old days
We'd smoke in cars
We'd run our bar tabs up
Without a worry
About the money

I swore that I'd be ready
I swore that I wouldn't get a job
Until you cut me off
We were just kids after all
I haven't dreamt since then
I haven't even slept since then
You had a couple drinks
I had a couple drinks
Then we got into it
Track Name: August 2009
So here we are again
I fell in love again
But there's a standard
And I'm pretty sure things don't get much better
It was back in August of 2009
When I saw her again, but it felt like the first time
I should have been dwelling on the past
But instead I kept focused on what was right ahead

I may deliver
Or I might just fuck it up
But I'll be in the driveway
When you're ready to leave

So here we are again
I fell in love again
But this time it is different
I know that things get better
And I'm not ruling it out
I'm not gonna let myself drive into the ground
Track Name: Another Box Of Wine
I keep having that dream
Over and over again every month or so
Where you're looking down
At your feet on the ground
Saying "I'm too old for this" and "How did it get so bad?"
I say every thing that I can
Like "that it will get better in time"
But I know that it might not. It probably won't
Cause you might be here for another sixteen years
Or until you can find a way to get forgiveness from your kids
Cause you keep burning bridges
And killing everyone's trust
Every night that you get drunk
Every night that you go to the pharmacy and buy
Another box of wine
I say "you're too old for this" and "How did you get so bad?"